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DFW Cosplay Society

The area's one and only club for cosplay inthusiasts!

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Welcome to the DFW Cosplay Society's LiveJournal community!

The DFWCS is the one and only cosplay club for people in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex! For more information visit our website: www.dfwcosplay.com

Community Details:
This is a community dedicated to discussing DFWCS activities, meetings and events. It is also for general chat amongst members to avoid too much clutter on our forums!

These are subject to change. Not abiding by the rules leaves you subject to deletion from the community.

1)Play nice. We are all adults and we should act as such. No discriminatory comments or blatantly rude behavior.
2)All new entries made must be friends locked. This is not up for discussion.
3)Absolutely NO trolling or spamming. I have a zero tolerance policy for this. If you are caught doing either, you will be deleted without warning!
4)All images MUST be placed under an lj-cut! If you do not know how to use this, please ask someone or refer to the site FAQ.
5)While most of us here are mature adults, please be aware that there are some younger members. Therfore, please try to keep everything PG-13. I will tolerate minor cursing, but if I catch you using it constantly, you will recieve a warning. There are ways to express yourself without the use of foul language.
6) No flame-wars. Period. If you post something with the intention of starting a flamewar, you will be deleted.
7) Have fun! Afterall, that's what cosplay is all about!

I know that some of these seem strict, and I realize that there are seldomly problems like this that come up, however, they are there as a warning. Due to the very casual nature of this community, I want to keep things from getting out of hand!